We are experts in product development, sourcing, importing and distribution.

We focused on building long-term relationships and delivering competitive pricing. Our goal is to add value to our customers by sourcing, purchasing and supplying quality products.

Our services extends beyond daily business, fostering exchange, cooperation to help you. We simplifying the complex and reduce wastage and improve efficiency.

Contact us to discuss how we can support your business needs.

Our dynamic team specialises in every aspect of the sourcing and procurement;

Product Sourcing & Manufacturing
Supplier Verification
ODM/OEM Branding
Import and Export Consultation
Concept Design
Product Development
Standard & Compliance
Quality Control Inspection
Custom Packaging
Price & MOQ Negotiations
Production Scheduling Follow-up
Logistics & Distribution
Inventory Finance
IP protection

The process and system to help you
1. Research Analysis & Presentation
2. Product Development & Sample
3. Quotation Collection & Contract Finalisation
4. Production & Quality Management
5. Importing & Logistics